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What is so great about MSG?

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 What is so great about MSG?
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Historic events

[edit] Political and social events

Throughout its long history, the Garden has been involved in its share of historical events. These events have included famous political rallies and celebrations.

* The 1924, 1976, 1980, and 1992 Democratic National Conventions were held at MSG.
* On February 20, 1939, A large German-American Bund convention was held prompting riots and protests in and around the arena by American Jews and others.
* Former Republican Party presidential candidate Wendell Willkie led 20,000 African-Americans on June 7, 1943, the largest Civil Rights rally of its time, in calling for equal rights and for victory in the war against Hitler.
* President John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday celebration took place at the Garden on May 19, 1962. During it, Marilyn Monroe sang her now infamous Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
* On July 1, 1982 Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon held a Blessing Ceremony in the Garden for 2075 couples. This event attracted much public and media attention (including a story in Life Magazine), often being called a "mass wedding."
* The 2004 Republican National Convention at MSG marked the first time that the Republican party held their convention in New York City.

[edit] Concerts and live performances

Since 1968, Madison Square Garden has been host to a number of concerts and live performances. Listed in chronological order with name of artist and date of performance

[edit] 1960s

* In August, 1969, the Jackson 5 made their first television appearance, singing The Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing" at the Miss Black America Pageant at MSG.
* On December 19, 1969, Janis Joplin performed her last concert with her Kozmic Blues Band.[10]

[edit] 1970s

* The Rolling Stones 1970 live album Get Yer Ya Ya's Out was made with the band's performances at MSG on November 27 and 28th 1969, during their legendary 1969 North American Tour.
* A twelve-act show dubbed the Winter Festival for Peace took place at MSG on January 28, 1970.
* On August 1, 1971, George Harrison held his Concert For Bangladesh. This historic event was the first special benefit concert to raise funds for charity (in this case, the country of Bangladesh, which was at that time in a severe and desperate state). There were two concerts held that day, with one taking place at 2:30pm and the other at 7:00 pm. The show featured artists such as Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, and Klaus Voormann, to name a few. A live album of the concert was released in 1972.
* In June 1972 Elvis Presley made his first and only appearances in New York City at the Garden. Elvis played four shows to 80,000 people, which at the time was a record for the venue. A week after the shows an album of the Saturday evening performance was rushed to release making it the fastest turnaround between a live performance and its recorded release. To mark the 25th anniversary of Elvis' Garden shows, a recording of the Saturday afternoon performance was released entitled An Afternoon in the Garden.
* John Lennon performed a concert at The Garden on 30 August 1972 which was professionally recorded and posthumously released on the 1986 album Live in New York City.
* Rick Nelson put MSG into song with his 1972 million seller "Garden Party."

* English rock band Led Zeppelin performed three consecutive, sold-out performances which were filmed and recorded at The Garden during their 1973 U.S. tour. The performance was later released on the concert film The Song Remains the Same and its accompanying soundtrack. Additional footage from these concerts was released in 2003 on the Led Zeppelin DVD.
* In June 1974 The Who played 4 sold-out dates. A single radio announcement during a December 1973 radio broadcast was enough to sell out the shows in a matter of hours.
* In October 13, 1974, to cap his comeback after his retirement in 1971 Frank Sinatra played in front of 20,000 fans at the Garden in a show dubbed "The Main Event" that was broadcast nationally and internationally. The concert was recorded and released along with other concerts as The Main Event – Live
* On November 28, 1974, John Lennon made a surprise guest appearance at an Elton John concert - Lennon's last ever concert appearance. They sang together as a duet on "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night" and "I Saw Her Standing There". The concert was released as the "There" portion of John's 1976 live album Here and There. Elton John's song "Empty Garden", a beautiful tribute to John Lennon, clearly refers to The Garden.[citation needed]
* In December 1976, The Bee Gees performed at MSG during their Children of the World tour and donated the proceeds to the New York Police Athletic League.
* On February 18, 1977, New York-based rock band Kiss made their Madison Square Garden debut, as part of a world tour supporting their fifth studio album Rock And Roll Over. Kiss have since made The Garden a regular stop on nearly every tour they have made, most notably a four-night sellout in July 1996.
* That same month, English rock band Queen made their Madison Square Garden debut, as part of a world tour supporting their fifth studio album A Day at the Races with opening act Thin Lizzy. Queen would make The Garden a regular stop on every subsequent US tour they would make with their classic lineup (1982's Hot Space tour would be the last tour the original lineup of Queen would play America), most notably a four-night sellout in September 1980.
* Earlier that month, fellow English band Genesis made their Madison Square Garden debut, as part of a world tour supporting their eighth studio album Wind and Wuthering (which was their last tour with guitarist Steve Hackett). Genesis would make The Garden a regular stop on every subsequent US tour they would make (save the 1992 We Can't Dance tour), most notably ex-lead singer Peter Gabriel joining the band for an encore in July 1978.
* In June 1977, Led Zeppelin performed six sold out concerts at The Garden. The band spent no money on advertising for the gigs, relying on street demand to sell out the shows. Enough ticket applications were received to sell out a further two nights, had time permitted.
* In July 1977, English rock band Pink Floyd performed at MSG for the first time in their then ten year recording career, playing four consecutive sold out nights from July 1 through July 4 on the final North American dates on their Animals tour. The show on July 1 saw problems between the band and local lighting technicians, whom they had to use instead of their own lighting crew due to union technicalities, and on July 3 when fans lit off fireworks which disrupted the Pink Floyd's performance. The band (minus Roger Waters) would not play the venue again until the 1987 A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, when the shows ran a lot more smoothly.
* On June 17, 1978 reggae superstar Bob Marley raised the profile of reggae music in America with his performance at the Garden. In 1980 Marley played two concerts at the venue as the opener of The Commodores; the performances were sold out, but the Garden was almost empty after Marley's show. The day after Marley, already fatally ill, collapsed while jogging in Central Park and performed one last concert in Pittsburgh before canceling the tour. Marley died months later of cancer.
* In October 1978 Jethro Tull filmed a concert at this venue on their Bursting Out tour which aired on television. Some parts were released on the re-issued Thick as a Brick album and various concert videos. These concerts were of note as Tull's leader Ian Anderson's friend Tony Williams filled in for then-Tull bass player John Glascock, who was suffering from ailing health (Glascock would pass away in 1979).
* During Queen's show in November 1978 the band had numerous nekkid women on stage riding bicycles during their song "Bicycle Race" This stunt attracted considerable media attention.
* The same year, Chicago based rockers Styx performed here for the first time on their Pieces of Eight tour. They would play there again on the Grand Decathlon and Paradise Theatre tours in 1979 and 1981.
* In September 1979, Musicians United for Safe Energy (a.k.a. MUSE) held a series of five No Nukes concerts at the Garden. Performers included Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Chaka Khan, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The concerts were documented in an album, No Nukes: The MUSE Concerts For a Non-Nuclear Future, and a 1980 feature film titled No Nukes.
* Woodstock '79: a rock concert in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival.
* Also, Supertramp would play here on their Breakfast in America tour in 1979 (at the time they played their album was at #1 in the US) and would subsequently play there on their ...Famous Last Words... tour in 1983.
* The Who played 5 nights straight between September 13-18
 12-11-2008, 08:39 PMonline - #22
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[edit] 1980s

* In May 1981 Rush performed at MSG for the first time in their then seven year career on their Moving Pictures tour. The band would subsequently perform here again in 1982 (two shows on their Signals tour), 1984, 1988, 1991, 1994 (two shows on their Counterparts tour), 2002 and as recent as September 2007.
* In December 1981 AC/DC performed at MSG for the first time in their then seven year career on their For Those About to Rock We Salute You tour. The band would subsequently perform here again on every subsequent US tour.
* In October of 1982 Judas Priest played MSG for the first time in their career on their 1982 North American tour in support of their US breakthrough album Screaming for Vengeance. The band would not ever play the venue again after they were banned from the venue after fans destroyed seats during one of their shows on the band's 1984 Defenders of the Faith tour.
* On New Year's Eve, 1982 Billy Joel played his first sold out new year's eve concert as well as ended his Nylon Curtain tour on the same night at The Garden.
* In September 1983 Iron Maiden headlined at MSG for the first time in their career on their World Piece '83 tour (they previously played MSG a year earlier as opener for fellow British heavy metal band Judas Priest). Iron Maiden would subsequently perform here again in 1986, 1988, 1990, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2008.
* In 1985 Madonna finished The Virgin Tour with two sold out shows.
* On May 14, 1988, the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary celebrations were held at The Garden, consisting of a non-stop concert lasting almost 13 hours. Those performing included Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, Iron Butterfly, The Rascals, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Foreigner, Paul Rodgers, Bob Geldof, Booker T. Jones, Wilson Pickett, The Coasters, The Spinners, Peabo Bryson, Dan Aykroyd, Roberta Flack, Manhattan Transfer, Debbie Gibson, The Bee Gees, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Ben E. King, and Vanilla Fudge.

[edit] 1990s

* Comedian Andrew Dice Clay became the first comic to do two sold out shows in a row in 1991 in a film entitled Dice Rules.
* In August 1991 thrash metal band Metallica threw a free listening party for the black album for fans only.
* During the New York stops for her 1993 tour, Girlie Show, Madonna performed 2 sold-out nights.
* In 1993 Luis Miguel became the first Latin artist to sell out at the Garden and received a special recognition during the middle of the show.
* In 1994 Barbra Streisand did six shows here and recorded her album The Concert here.
* In 1994 Scoob Lover, Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls), Tupac Shakur, Shyheim and Big Daddy Kane freestyled live.
* On 10 October 1995, Mariah Carey performed at The Garden, which was filmed and released on the DVD/Home Video Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden.
* On December 31, 1995, rock band Phish performed for a sellout crowd and played a show that was later called one of "the Greatest Concerts of the 90s" by Rolling Stone magazine. It was recorded and released on December, 20th 2005 to commemorate the show's 10th anniversary as a three disc set entitled: Phish: New Year's Eve 1995 - Live at Madison Square Garden. The band also sold out a show the night before & three new year's shows in 1997, four in 1998, & a hiatus-ending NYE show in 2002.
* On November 25, 1996 the hard rock band Stone Temple Pilots performed an extended set at The Garden in support of their third album Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. Most notably, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of the rock band Aerosmith joined the band midway through the show to perform the Aerosmith songs "Sweet Emotion" and "Lick and a Promise."
* On July 1, 1998 the Spice Girls played Madison Square Garden, after selling out the venue in 12 minutes, the shortest time ever for a band to sell out the venue.
* On July 16, 1998, Page and Plant performed a concert at The Garden.
* On Sunday, October 11, 1998, Janet Jackson performed her Velvet Rope concert live on HBO. R&B artist Usher was her opening act, hip-hop star Q-Tip made a guest performance, and former Secretary of State General Colin Powell made a special appearance.
* Billy Joel played a four-hour concert for New Year's 1999, dubbed 'The Night of Two Thousand Years." Two songs from this concert were broadcast live on ABC-TV as part of the ABC 2000 news program. Highlights from the show were also used for the live album 2000 Years: The Millennium Concert.
* TLC performed at the Garden on January 21, 1999

[edit] 2000s

* Former boy-band NSYNC sold out two concerts at the Garden in May 2000 for their No Strings Attached Tour, which was later released on DVD, titled simply "NSYNC Live From Madison Square Garden"
* Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters sold out two concerts at the Garden in June 2000 for his In the Flesh Live tour.
* New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen sold out a then-record 10-night stand at the Garden in June and July 2000. Highlights of the show were used for his live CD/DVD Live In New York City.
* Barbra Streisand set the highest grossing event at MSG with her two "farewell" concerts on September 27-28, 2000.
* Elton John recorded a live performance and MSG called Elton John One Night Only - The Greatest Hits. The album was recorded on October 20, and 21, 2000, an extended version was also released as a DVD.
* The Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special took place on September 7 and 10th, 2001. Including various artists from Usher to Whitney Houston. Notable for the performance of the Jackson 5
* During the New York stops for her 2001 tour, Drowned World Tour, Madonna performed 5 sold-out nights.
* On October 20, 2001 The Garden played host to "The Concert for New York City" after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The benefit was as famous for its emotional performances by Billy Joel and The Who.
* On October 24, 2002 Canadian rock band Rush sold out Madison Square Garden the band's first tour in nearly six years. The band was awarded on stage from the Recording Industry a.ssociation of American for shipments of 25 million in the United States of America.
* On October 28, 2002 Latin American Mexican rock band Maná performed here for their Revolución de Amor Tour. They also played the following year on October 13, 2003 for the same tour.
* On December 31, 2002 jamband Phish made their triumphant return to the stage after a 2 year hiatus to a loving MSG crowd. This would be their last performance at the garden after the band called it quits in the summer of 2004
* On June 20 & 21, 2003 the Dixie Chicks performed in their Top of the World Tour.
* Pearl Jam's 2003 live DVD Live at the Garden was recorded on July 8, 2003 at The Garden.
* On July 30, 2003 Iron Maiden played the arena alongside fellow Metal bands Dio and Motörhead.
* On November 25, 2003, Jay-Z held a concert at the Garden, which would later be the focus of his film Fade to Black. This concert was his "retirement party." All proceeds went to charity. Other performers included collaborators like The Roots (in the form of his backing band), Missy Elliott, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Twista, Ghostface k!llah, Foxy Brown, Pharrell and R. Kelly with special appearances by Voletta Wallace and Afeni Shakur; the mothers of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur respectively.
* March 14, 2004 witnessed the 20th anniversary of World Wrestling Entertainment's WrestleMania PPV in front of 20,000 fans. The return to MSG for WrestleMania generated more than $2.4 million USD in ticket sales.
* During the New York stops for her 2004 world tour, Re-Invention Tour, Madonna performed 6 sold-out nights.
 12-11-2008, 08:40 PMonline - #23
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[edit] 2005

* June 22, 2005 witnessed British rock band Oasis make their long awaited debut at the Garden, some 10 years into their career. The concert sold out in record time and was later praised by many critics.
* In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the Garden played host to yet another charity concert. From the Big Apple to the Big Easy, was an event held on September 20, 2005. It has since been referred to as "Apple Easy". The funds raised went to helping rebuild New Orleans after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
* From October 24–26, 2005, Cream played at MSG for their United States reunion. The shows were marred by some controversy in regards to tickets: the show's promoters had made a deal with credit card company American Express to make tickets available to American Express customers only in an unprecedented week-long pre-sale. Ticket scalpers charged high prices for tickets. Nevertheless, the shows were a financial success and received critical praise.
* On November 27, 2005, nu metal band Slipknot performed a sold-out night at the gardens as part of their Vo. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) tour with support from Lamb of God and Shadows Fall .

[edit] 2006

* In 2006, Billy Joel set a record with a string of 12 sold-out performances, breaking the record of 10 set by Bruce Springsteen in 2000. On night 12 of the stand, MSG raised a #12 to the rafters on top of the Garden to join the numbers of Rangers and Knicks players that have had their numbers retired by their respective teams, making Joel the first ever non-sports individual to have his "number" retired at The Garden. The concerts were released as the album 12 Gardens Live in 2006.
* During the New York stops for her 2006 record-breaking world tour, Confessions Tour, Madonna performed 6 sold-out nights, grossing $16,507,855.
* Barbra Streisand performed her two Streisand: The Tour concerts here on October 9 and 11, 2006.
* On November 12, 2006, comedian Dane Cook performed two sold out shows in one night.
* On December 1, 2006, comedy rock band Tenacious D, featuring actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass performed at MSG in their first headlining concert at a major American arena, with comedian Neil Hamburger the unlikely opener.

[edit] 2007

* On January 27, 2007, O.A.R. performed a sold out show.
* On March 14 and March 15, 2007 Latin American Mexican rock band Maná performed here for there Amar es Combatir Tour.
* On March 23, 2007, Christina Aguilera came to the Madison Square Garden in NYC with the Back to Basics Tour.
* On March 24, 2007, soca artist Machel Montano performed two sold out shows in one night.
* On March 25, 2007, Elton John celebrated his 60th birthday and 60th Sold Out concert at Madison Square Garden. In honor of this achievement an Elton John #60 banner was raised to the rafters.
* On May 30, 2007, Roger Waters played for the second time at MSG in a year.
* On August 4 & August 5, 2007 R&B singer Beyoncé performed 2 sold-out shows part of her 2007 World Tour "The Beyoncé Experience".
* In 2007, Dispatch reunited at MSG and sold out shows on the nights of July 13 14th, and 15th. There was originally supposed to be only one show, but after selling out the first scheduled concert in 15 minutes, the band added another show that sold out in 24 hours, then added a third night on the 15th. These shows were all 100% concerts. Dispatch became the first unsigned band to ever sell out Madison Square Garden.
* On August 22, Ciara and T.I. Performed a sold out show on their Screamfest '07 Tour.
* On August 15 & August 16, 2007, Justin Timberlake Performed 2 sold-out Shows on his Futures3x/LoveSounds Tour. A combination of the two dates were made into an HBO Concert of the same name, and on November 13 was released on DVD, named "Futures3x/LoveShow Live From Madison Square Garden".
* On October 9, 2007 Latin American Mexican rock band Maná performed for the second time that year for their Amar es Combatir Tour.
* On December 21 , 2007 R&B singer Chris Brown performed a sold out concert during his The UCP Exclusive Holiday Tour
* On December 22, 2007 "Metal God" Ozzy Osbourne performed in the arena for the first time in over 20 years. At this show fellow hard rock legend Rob Zombie made his first Garden Performance of his career.

[edit] 2008

* On February 18, 2008 The Spice Girls performed to a sold out audience as apart of their reunion tour.
* On February 19, 2008 The Foo f!ghters headlined a Garden show for the first time to a sold out crowd.
* On February 21, 2008, Linkin Park performed for the first time in the Garden to a sold out audience. Jay-Z made a performance with them as well since the Grammy Awards of 2006.
* From February 25-28, 2008 Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood performed three concerts. It was their first full scale live collaboration since Blind Faith almost 40 years earlier.
* On March 17, 2008 Van Halen played their second show at MSG as part of their 2007/2008 World Tour which included Alex, Eddie, and Wolfgang Van Halen along with David Lee Roth.
* On May 2, May 6, and May 7, 2008 Jay-Z and Mary J Blige performed three sold out performances. The May 2 show was scheduled late because the first two sold out in less than two minutes each, and gave fans who did not receive tickets for the other two shows another chance to see the show.
* On May 9, 2008 My Chemical Romance performed a sold out show with Drive By and their long time friends Taking Back Sunday.
* On May 13, 2008 Kanye West performed on that day during his Glow In The Dark Tour
* On May 15, 2008 Kid Rock performed with special guests Reverend Run from RUN-DMC and Peter Wolf from The J. Geils Band. Opening for Kid Rock were Rock N Roll Hall of Famers, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Of note: This was Skynyrd's first show ever at the historic Madison Square Garden in the band's 40+ year existence.
* The Eagles performed three nights at MSG as part of their Long Road out of Eden World Tour on May 28, 30, and 31 2008.
* On June 15, 2008 heavy metal band Iron Maiden returned to a sold out show in the Arena for the first time in five years.
* On June 18, 2008 Alicia Keys performed a sold out show with Ne-Yo,Jordin Sparks, and a special apperance by Rihanna during As I Am Tour.
* On June 24 & 25, 2008, Pearl Jam made a much anticipated return to the arena, their first performance there in five years and sold out both nights within seconds. On both nights C.J. Ramone guest performed and on the second night Ace Freehly guest performed.
* On July 14 & 15, 2008, Bon Jovi wrapped up their Lost Highway Tour there.
* On July, 2008 English musician George Michael performed at MSG for the first time in 17 years, playing two sold out nights on July 21 and July 23. He has performed at MSG during three of his tours: 3 times with the Faith-tour in 1988, 2 times with the Cover to Cover tour in 1991 and now the 25Live tour.
* On August 7, 2008, The Police performed at Madison Square Garden as the last show of their reunion tour, ending their career.
* On August 9, 10, & 11 Jonas Brothers performed with opening act Demi Lovato during their Burning Up Tour
* On September 19, Kay Alleyne Of Trinidad & Tobago performed at the Gospel Extravaganza alongside Yolanda Adams,Shirley Cesar and Juanita Bynam
* On September 15-16, Canadian singer Céline Dion performed at the arena for her taking chances world tour.
* On September 13, 2008, Japanese rock band X Japan played their first US concert at the arena as part of their 2008 world tour.(postponed)
* On September 24, 2008, Weezer performed.
* On October 6, 7, 11, and 12, Madonna performed 4 sold-out nights at the arena as part of her Sticky & Sweet Tour.
* On October 31st, Luis Miguel performed at the arena as part of his Complices Tour.
* On November 1, Janet Jackson performed at the arena as part of her Rock Witchu Tour.
* On November 12th and 13th The World renowned rock band AC/DC came back for their Black Ice World Tour.
* On December 12, Z100 will have their annual "Jingleball" fest featuring Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Brandy, Kanye West, Paramore, David Archuleta, and others.
* On December 17, Oasis is set to perform as part of their Dig Out Your Soul 2008/2009 World Tour.
* My Morning Jacket will perform a New Year's Eve show on December 31, 2008.
 12-11-2008, 08:41 PMonline - #24
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[edit] 2009

* January 9, 2009 to January 11, 2009 the Professional Bull Riders will bring the Toughest Sport on Earth to MSG for a third consecutive year.
* On January 19, 2009, Kings of Leon will perform.
* On January 25, 2009, The k!llers will perform.

[edit] WrestleMania

Madison Square Garden hosted three WrestleMania events. It hosted the first WrestleMania in 1985. The event became an annual event and is the biggest event in the WWE. It then hosted WrestleMania X and returned for WrestleMania XX.

[edit] WWE

Madison Square Garden hosted other various WWE events. It has already hosted Raw, SmackDown!,ECW and Saturday Night's Main Event and the other four big WWE pay-per-views (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam) while it also hosted the first ever Elimination Chamber match at the 2002 Survivor Series . It recently hosted the Royal Rumble 2008. It has recentley held a WWE Raw house show.

[edit] Regular performances and concert records

Traditionally, Madison Square Garden hosts a concert on New Year's Eve. The Knicks and Rangers usually play on the road that evening. Recent NYE performances include multiple performances by the band Phish (1995, 1997, 1998, 2002), Billy Joel (1982, 1999), Blues Traveler (1996), Marc Anthony (2000), Wilco & The Flaming Lips (2004), The Black Crowes & Trey Anastasio (2005) and Chris Rock in 2007. A planned 2003 New Years show by Jane's Addiction and Marilyn Manson was cancelled due to low ticket sales. No show was booked for December 31, 2006.

Since 1985, Irish band U2 has performed 17 shows at the Garden, more than at any other venue, including a combined 8 sold out shows on the 1st and 3rd legs of their most recent Vertigo Tour. Their two performances on the Elevation Tour in October 2001 were considered by many not only among their best concerts ever, but among the best ever at the Garden, with emotions running high after September 11, and Bono inviting dozens of firemen and emergency workers onstage at the end of the performance.

The single artist holding the all-time record for the greatest number of appearances at the Garden is Elton John who has played the arena 60 times. For this feat he has had a banner stating "60" raised up to the ceiling in the arena for his record and age. The band that has played more dates in the Garden than any other is The Grateful Dead, performing at the arena 52 times from 1979 through 1994.[11] Van Halen has also performed at the Garden numerous times.

[edit] Film, television and popular culture

As an iconic figure, Madison Square Garden has made various appearances in film and television programs. It was featured in the 1979 Robert Redford film The Electric Horseman. Madison Square Garden is featured in the opening scenes of Highlander (1986), which included footage of former tag team The Fabulous Freebirds. (It is worth noting, however, that only the exterior was used; the interior shots were from the then Brendan Byrne Arena). The Garden's marquee is seen in the 1984 comedy film, Top Secret! advertising a concert by the protagonist, Nick Rivers. In 1988 it featured scenes in the cult comedy hit Coming to America.

Madison Square Garden was the "nest" for the carnivorous Godzilla babies and was later destroyed by F/A-18s in the Americanized version of Godzilla (1998). Madison Square Garden was featured in the films Glitter, Forget Paris, Finding Forrester, and the Adam Sandler remake of Mr. Deeds. In Paternity, Burt Reynolds plays the manager of the Garden. The famous scene from Citizen Kane with Orson Welles standing in front of his giant picture took place in the third Garden (though it was not filmed there).

In the movie Rocky III, the rematch between Clubber Lang and Rocky Balboa is in The Garden.

The American sitcom Friends has used shots of Madison Square Garden several times. In the episode The One with George Stephanopoulos, Chandler, Joey, and Ross go to see a Rangers game, in The One with the Late Thanksgiving, Joey and Ross are late to Thanksgiving dinner because they go to see a Rangers game and in The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-Sits Mike proposes to Phoebe on the big screen during a Knicks game. The Garden was also frequently featured on Seinfeld, as characters sporadically attended Rangers or Knicks games; David Putty's face-painting as a fan of the New Jersey Devils features the infamous Blue seats.

The 1996 film Eddie starring Whoopi Goldberg, in which die hard Knicks fan Edwina Franklin (Goldberg) becomes the coach of the team, takes place at Madison Square Garden.

The arena has also made various appearances on television. The television series Futurama, set in the year 3000, features "Madison Cube Garden" which appears like a cube standing on one partially-buried corner.

In episode 409 of South Park, Something You Can Do With Your Finger, Cartman has a dream where he, Stan, Kyle and Kenny perform there in their boy band dubbed "Fingerbang". The crowd was completely female.

The garden's front rail was frontside boardslided by skateboarder Brian Anderson in Girl Skateboards' [[Yeah Right!]

One of the concert venues in the video game Rock Band is a fictitious New York concert hall called "Empire Square Garden", a clear reference to The Garden.[12]

In the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, the character Ryohei Sasagawa, obsessed with boxing said he always saw stars and the Madison Square Garden, even when it was the afternoon.

Madison Square Garden was also featured in Madonna's 2006 CD/DVD I'm Going to Tell You a Secret. The DVD is a documentary that follows Madonna on her 2004 Re Invention Tour.

A scene in the romantic comedy movie "Hitch" starring Will Smith took place at Madison Square Garden during a Knicks basketball game.

In 1985 and then again in 2007, Schwinn introduced a bicycle named the Madison, after the popular Madison Races which originated at the first Madison Square Garden — when located next to Madison Square.

NOW Zeek aka BxCastro has spoken!!
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^^^ Ur list makes MSG look like it has Aids
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Couldn't you have linked the wikipedia page instead of using 3 or 4 different posts?
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nothing... its just the best sports arena in the sports mecca of the world. plus we got the best fans... and nothing is like the garden when its rockin
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Originally Posted by KSoraci7
^^^ Ur list makes MSG look like it has Aids
Fiytb(fukk is you talkin bout)...your face does the same thing for boston but nobody says sh*t

Originally Posted by str8_akademiks
Couldn't you have linked the wikipedia page instead of using 3 or 4 different posts?
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New York City = Capital of the Universe.....
MSG = Middle of NYC

MSG is in the Media Capital of the world/Most Popular/Biggest City in the USA........

+ Basketball started in NYC!
 12-11-2008, 10:35 PMaway - #30
CaLLaHaN  space
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Originally Posted by CaLLaHaN
New York City = Capital of the Universe.....
MSG = Middle of NYC

MSG is in the Media Capital of the world/Most Popular/Biggest City in the USA........

+ Basketball started in NYC!
not to mention everything else it is used for....... & its history.....
 12-11-2008, 11:00 PMaway - #31
INFAMOUS 13 heat pts13 space
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Originally Posted by ItsDaCarter20
New York is ovverated in terms of EVERYTHING
 12-11-2008, 11:02 PMaway - #32
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Originally Posted by MosDefinition
exactly the nba and ncaa seem to be doing quite well with out new york teams being any good

i guess the nit is something though
 12-11-2008, 11:19 PMaway - #33
beantown 74 heat pts74 space
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Originally Posted by - Streetz -
the history of the events that have happend in their alone >> any other Arena
plus n*ggas know the Circus makes msg what it is

its about the media tho New York is the media capital of the world n*gga
who you think labeled msg the mecca of sports?... The media
the media also calls Valedosta titletown :greetings10:
 12-11-2008, 11:24 PMaway - #34
Bleezy 7 heat pts space
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Originally Posted by ItsDaCarter20
New York is ovverated in terms of EVERYTHING
And we have a winner...
 12-11-2008, 11:30 PMaway - #35
DEDOS 101 heat pts101 space
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THE GARDEN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 12-11-2008, 11:53 PMaway - #36
ChiCity Fingaz 118 heat pts118 space
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It has nothing to do with the Knicks

Even Jordan always talked about how he loved playing at the Garden. Not because the Knicks were great competition, but because it's an arena with a lot of history and it always set a big stage because of that.

New York is still overrated tho.
 12-12-2008, 12:34 AMonline - #37
KnicksLost 12 heat pts12 space
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Originally Posted by P. Dedos

THE GARDEN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kind of funny u posted wheelchair cus thats gonna be his new home in 2010 :greetings10:...Wade in D'antoni system = MVP+Championship

Originally Posted by ChiCity Fingaz
It has nothing to do with the Knicks

Even Jordan always talked about how he loved playing at the Garden. Not because the Knicks were great competition, but because it's an arena with a lot of history and it always set a big stage because of that.

New York is still overrated tho.
So is Chi-Town Swag as Ye calls it to me that sh*t = :fruit: and most n*ggaz in da chi dont dress like that...Ye misrepresenting yall
 12-12-2008, 01:42 AMaway - #38
YOUNGZERO 2 heat pts space
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I wouldn't be proud to be the media capital of the World.... i mean, only about four major corporations give us the news and it's news that keeps you PEOPLE MINDLESS and alwayz into sports and ur differences!!!!
 12-12-2008, 02:56 AMaway - #39
hiphopsince1983  space
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It'll be good if Dolan can somehow get the new MSG. I think it's reminicent of the great western forum where it's just terribly outdated compared to the more modern arenas.

I have an idea for an expansion in San Francisco and I want to see this come through. If you ever hear anything about Sunnydale Gardens, you know what's up.

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