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Lebron James 39 pts, 12 rebs, 7 asts vs. Thunder FULL HIGHLIGHTS (02.14.13) (video)

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 Lebron James 39 pts, 12 rebs, 7 asts vs. Thunder FULL HIGHLIGHTS (02.14.13) (video)
topic by Moony Jackson - 02-15-2013, 01:17 AM

29 comments for "Lebron James 39 pts, 12 rebs, 7 asts vs. Thunder FULL HIGHLIGHTS (02.14.13) (video)"

 02-15-2013, 01:22 AMaway - #2
m-f 7 heat pts

$16,683 | POWERFUL
First off #### all the di#k riders on this site of LeBron.

But anyone who seriously hates on him, or hates on Kobe

I wish both these 2 were in their prime.
 02-15-2013, 01:26 AMaway - #3
serty321 8 heat pts

$3,867 | POWERFUL
But but but hes not taking any shots from half court. But but but he only shot 58%
 02-15-2013, 01:26 AMaway - #4
The Bully 195 heat pts195

$33,033 | POWERFUL
jacked off 10 minutes ago

gotta let my juices regenerate

then time for round 2 while watching these highlights
 02-15-2013, 01:29 AMonline - #5
0ddJoB 59 heat pts59

$17,778 | POWERFUL
my god.. its beauty on a basketball court. no skylar diggins
 02-15-2013, 01:31 AMaway - #6
SeaJaiye 75 heat pts75

$16,992 | POWERFUL
that jumper is here to stay. and he's only 28. it's a wrap
 02-15-2013, 01:48 AMonline - #7
LordBlanco|M 27 heat pts27

$23,723 | POWERFUL
wow, dude is actually a living and breathing form of that 2k step back cheeze.

 02-15-2013, 01:57 AMaway - #8
Smoov Deezy 1 heat pts

$1,210 | 5202575
His shot is so smooth.
 02-15-2013, 02:09 AMaway - #9
madness 6 heat pts

$12,030 | POWERFUL
but but but all dunks and layups
 02-15-2013, 03:11 AMaway - #10
Da Truth23 54 heat pts54

$2,801 | POWERFUL
Even though he was in the paint LeBron is now the scariest guy ALL AROUND THE COURT... He has mastered the art of the jumpshot.... Now that D Wade officially backed off.. LeBron will now have 30 Ppg seasons and his FG% will be massively high
 02-15-2013, 07:40 AMaway - #11

$1,874 | 14952693
 02-15-2013, 07:48 AMaway - #12
Ching king 9 heat pts

$1,123 | 19556872
When Bron is hot like this he's scary... He can k!ll you in every possible way.
 02-15-2013, 08:15 AMaway - #13
OC123 83 heat pts83

$19,207 | POWERFUL
we are not worthy
 02-15-2013, 08:20 AMaway - #14
SmoothTay 22 heat pts22

$17,076 | POWERFUL
He not that good

I'm ####ing lying
 02-15-2013, 08:26 AMonline - #15
Hovi Bryant 240 heat pts240

$19,771 | POWERFUL

That's a bad game.
 02-15-2013, 08:30 AMaway - #16
capone3pbs 4 heat pts

$10,609 | POWERFUL
Keep em coming
 02-15-2013, 08:37 AMaway - #17
omniscience 3 heat pts

$731 | 11749388
I don't wanna hear #### about who's the best player in the L...

LeBron consistently ####s on the dude tagged to be his counterpart..
(where's that LeBron and Durant gif with the ring when you need it..)

Kobe is old, overrated and washed... (BUM can't even lead a star studded cast to a .500 record ..that is the definition of overrated.)

LeBron will go down as top 3..and I'm putting him ahead of Bean if he gets MVP #4 and FMVP# 2..
 02-15-2013, 08:42 AMaway - #18
Hold That 91 heat pts91

$28,840 | POWERFUL
We might literally have a dyn@sty on our hands. LeBron is playing at an insane level, hall of fame level, while there's not a single player in the league who's playing close to his level right now. Even with a past his prime Wade, it's still good enough to be top 3 at his position. On top of that, they still have Bosh who would easily be no less than the 2nd best player on damn near 26 other teams. By the way, lets not forget they have Ray Allen as a role player. Think about that for a second, and what that guy meant to the Celtics, and his role on the Heat as of right now. The team is scary, they can be beat. It's just the fact that your team is going to have to play a damn near close to perfect series to get this done. Bulls and Knicks are the only 2 teams who have a realistic shot at ####ing up the dyn@sty chances. And even then, most of our fans would be happy to steal one or two, when Miami has a legit shot too run off and win 3 or 4.
 02-15-2013, 08:50 AMonline - #19
TraV 73 heat pts73

$18,100 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by m-f
First off #### all the di#k riders on this site of LeBron.

But anyone who seriously hates on him, or hates on Kobe

I wish both these 2 were in their prime.

It's like Magic & Jordan bruh.

One is on his way out and the other is taking the league by storm

But we might not even get a finals matchup between the 2

 02-15-2013, 09:29 AMaway - #20
PG-13 126 heat pts126

$31,916 | POWERFUL
that 3 at 3:28


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