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Koren Robinson Arrested Last Week on Same Street

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 Koren Robinson Arrested Last Week on Same Street
Unread 9 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts space
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Wisdom of the Youth ...
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dont feel like lookin just check Pioneer Press's Website


Robinson arrested last week on same street
Pioneer Press

Five days before a high-speed chase involving Koren Robinson that ended on Stoltzman Road near the Minnesota State Mankato campus, the Vikings receiver received a citation on the same street for driving without a valid state license, according to a Blue Earth County Sheriff's department incident report.

Robinson was cited at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, according to the report. It was unclear this morning whether Robinson violated the Vikings' team curfew. Vikings officials were unavailable for comment.

The receiver did violate team curfew Tuesday night, when it was set at 11 p.m, after Robinson was pulled over at 10:46 p.m., after leading police on a high-speed chase from St. Peter, Minn., to Stoltzman Road in Mankato. Robinson was charged with six criminal counts Wednesday, including a felony for fleeing police and two misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree driving while impaired.

Last Thursday, Robinson was pursued when he passed a police vehicle traveling 67 mph in a 50-mph zone, according to the report. Robinson only received a citation for not having a Minnesota drivers' license and driving with a suspended license from North Carolina.

Robinson was released at the scene.

A players' manual noted that, under league rules, the Vikings could fine players up to $14,000 for missing team meetings or a curfew and other "conduct detrimental to the team."

Sean Jensen can be reached at

Homeboi really fu*ked himself over and the team now we dont have no true #1 WRimage but i pray for him as an person cuz he def need help
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Unread 9 years agoclass of '05 - away - #2
BoSox84  space
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Jesus Christ man, football players this offseason have been fu*kin up left and right
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Unread 9 years agoclass of '06 - away - #3
dre4dollas  space
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had to be someone from Nc State
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Unread 9 years agoclass of '06 - away - #4
Swishadude 5 heat pts space
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he has a problem and like crip said i pray for him to get his life together
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