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Knicks, Mavs scouting 7 foot Tunisian center Salah Mejri

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 Knicks, Mavs scouting 7 foot Tunisian center Salah Mejri
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[pic - click to view] - It's a long time since anyone in the Belgian basketball knows how to make such an impression as Salah Mejri. 2m16 surpassed the great Tunisian Dynamo Moscow Antwerp Giants and led them to a marked and especially major European victory.

The eighth home game of the 2010-2011 campaign yielded Antwerp Giants eighth consecutive victory. After win against Dynamo and Lokomotiv Minsk Kuban won the Antwerp club Tuesday at the Lotto Arena now from Dynamo Moscow.

Five-time European Player of the Year Ann Wauters was one of the spectators.

"I had a special focus on Salah Mejri," she says. "I saw him on television at work. He basketball only five years and has great potential. If he works hard for coach Eddy Casteels, he undoubtedly has a great future. "

Wauters, who attended the match next president Roels, was keen to Salah Mejri.

Antwerp Giants laid the basis of his victory in the first half strong. Tim Black directed handsome, Trent Strickland and Darnell Wilson scored and an error rate of kampende Bryan Hopkins was on the appointment.


The Oscar of the match, however, went to Salah Mejri.

The Tunisian was sixteen minutes long for 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4 block shots. Kevin Wilson, for eleven years in Europe, international scout for the New York Knicks, was impressed. Dallas Mavericks Mejri mid-December will see.

"I know that NBA scouts descend to Antwerp. It's nice to hear, "responds Mejri. "I must, however, both feet on the ground. Hard work and listen to the coaches. Also learn to travel. Last week I was tired after the trip to Romania. "

"This is all new. It is enjoyment. I have great teammates. Randy Oveneke leads me to go everywhere by car. With the holiday season I returned to Tunisia. Then I get my license. Randy can even go with me, "said Mejri.

[pic - click to view]

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lol got no choice when we have no draft picks
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