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Jack Nicholson walks out on the Lakers like a boss. (video)

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 Jack Nicholson walks out on the Lakers like a boss. (video)
 01-12-2013, 07:56 AMaway - #41
daviddunn 11 heat pts11

$2,766 | 13615767
Originally Posted by Game375
Thought sandler was only into hockey
looks like he was
 01-12-2013, 08:01 AMaway - #42

$119 | 133672
Originally Posted by Extort you
who is that guy to the left of jack i always see him courtside wearing some outlandish outfit, lol @ sandler following jack
Looks like Donald Sutherland.... Kiefer Sutherlands father.....
 01-12-2013, 08:38 AMaway - #43
regularjoe 28 heat pts28

$23,891 | POWERFUL
Walking out on your team = Never boss.
 01-12-2013, 08:45 AMaway - #44

$288 | 11869583
The guy on the left of him looks to be Lou Adler. The famous record producer and father of Cisco Adler from Shwayze fame.
 01-12-2013, 09:07 AMaway - #45
Illstreet 36 heat pts36

$17,325 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by addnative
The guy on the left of him looks to be Lou Adler. The famous record producer
^^^Correct. Produced Carole King's albums and ####.

Dude is caked up.
 01-12-2013, 09:11 AMaway - #46
maxx8428 1 heat pts

$82 | 511831
laker fans jumping ship
 01-12-2013, 09:16 AMaway - #47
Bullseye 36 heat pts36

$7,055 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by ginobili 20
not a fan of that #### tbh.... #### was what around the 8 min mark? I get La gave no impression of coming back but still had an outside chance
No.. they didn't.
 01-12-2013, 09:22 AMaway - #48
skillahmang 2 heat pts

$17,448 | POWERFUL

im not over reactive person like most of you its still early in the season, but GOD DAMN!
 01-12-2013, 09:28 AMaway - #49
Delbert Mengel 28 heat pts28

$19,823 | POWERFUL
how does that make you a boss? must be an american thing to think walking out on a team when they're losing (and have given you title after title over the years) is "boss" ####. it was funny though.
 01-12-2013, 09:33 AMaway - #50
Special Edd 86 heat pts86

$16,637 | POWERFUL
only weak pussies do this ####.

ol trendy a$s ni##as.

thats why i hate heat/laker/knick fans
 01-12-2013, 09:38 AMaway - #51
JohnDoe B1 

$5,319 | 12243860

Last edited by JohnDoe B1; 01-12-2013 at 09:40 AM..
 01-12-2013, 09:39 AMaway - #52
O Nasty 86 heat pts86

$18,583 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Blah
Adam Sandler had the welp this ni##a is my ride home face, gots to go

 01-12-2013, 09:57 AMaway - #53

$119 | 133672
Originally Posted by addnative
The guy on the left of him looks to be Lou Adler. The famous record producer and father of Cisco Adler from Shwayze fame.
LOL... fooled me... could be a game they are playing??? They could definetly pull off the ol switcheroo!!

 01-12-2013, 10:02 AMaway - #54

$740 | 2135917
Lakers need to learn something from the Philadelphia Eagles. Signing a bunch of big name people dont mean ####. Dream Team my a$s lol.
 01-12-2013, 10:08 AMonline - #55
CrapShoota 11 heat pts11

$2,705 | 18082779
Damn 3 pages and no gif.. Whats really good bx?
 01-12-2013, 10:09 AMonline - #56
dadon85 85 heat pts85

$13,353 | POWERFUL
Clips should be in the east. 2 la west teams are dumb. Need that all la finals. Same with Knicks/nets
 01-12-2013, 10:18 AMaway - #57
SHADOW 304 heat pts304

$7,712 | POWERFUL
Blah had the funniest comment
 01-12-2013, 10:27 AMaway - #58
SOCIALITE 4 heat pts

$8,520 | POWERFUL
Jack gonna be right there at the next home game. KD smoked us pretty good though, one of the lowest moments as a Lakers fan in my life. Felt like ni##a was throwing daggers into the entire season. That little bit of hope we all was holding on too, yeah ni##a just shot that #### out of our hands. It was damn depressing. At least all the teams directly over them in the standings so they didn't get deeper into the hole. Why did our entire big man core get hurt during the roughest stretch of the year? smh it's just like everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Oh well at least them ni##as "solid"
 01-12-2013, 10:29 AMaway - #59
aaeceo 12 heat pts12

$1,559 | 8464202
Dammmmm son said bye bye, cut.
 01-12-2013, 10:42 AMonline - #60
TiestoFriendly 5 heat pts

$12,378 | POWERFUL
i dont feel like goin through the pages but did someone already gif this? it's perfect for "didn't read lol" or just "im out" or somethin.


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