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Ever wonder how NBA players get paid for each playoff game they play in

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 Ever wonder how NBA players get paid for each playoff game they play in
Unread 05-01-2010, 04:17 PMJoined Aug 2009 - away - #1
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luker1920 50 heat pts50 space
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f**k, i do, i have no answerimage
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Unread 05-01-2010, 04:45 PMJoined Mar 2005 - away - #2
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Money matters: NBA players get bonuses based on playoff seeding
By Mike Baldwin, Staff Writer, Comment on this article Leave a comment
Published: March 21, 2010

Asked last Sunday about the significance on possible playoff seedings of that night’s game against the Thunder, Utah coach Jerry Sloan said: "You also get more money if you finish higher.”
More Info

Bonus pool
The past two seasons the NBA has paid out $11 million from its playoff pool. Since each team can divide playoff pool money how it chooses, each player’s "average” payoff is the team’s bonus divided by 25 to include all 15 players, a.ssistant coaches, trainers and other team personnel:

Regular season
Finish in standings Bonus Average
Best record $317,263 $12,690
Best record in conference $277,604 $11,100
Second best in conference $223,126 $9,000
Third best in conference $166,563 $6,700
Fourth best in conference $130,900 $5,250
Fifth best in conference $109,074 $4,400
Sixth best in conference $74,394 $3,000
Playoff finish Bonus Average
First round elimination $164,168 $6,600
Conference semis elimination $195,337 $7,800
Conference finals elimination $332,792 $13,300
Losing team, NBA Finals $1.29 million $51,000
Winning team, NBA Finals $1.95 million $78,000
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Sloan was referring to bonus money players receive based on where a team finishes in the regular-season standings.

The NBA’s playoff pool has been $11 million the past two years. The top six teams in each conference the past two years have received a bonus that ranged from $223,126 for the top seed down to $74,394 for the sixth seed. Seventh- and eighth-place finishers don’t receive a bonus.

Each team divides portions differently. Many teams give shares to a.ssistant coaches, trainers and other staff members.

All playoff teams receive additional bonuses ranging from $164,168 for teams eliminated in the first round to $1.94 million for teams that win the NBA title.

The really big money goes to teams that reach the finals. If a team finishes with the league’s best overall record and wins the NBA title, each player can earn more than $100,000 in bonus pool money.

If a team finishes sixth and is eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, each player earns around $10,000.

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Unread 05-01-2010, 05:32 PMJoined May 2007 - away - #3
stogz 9 heat pts space
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So, if you finish with the best record overall... obviously, you also have the best record in the conference. Do you get paid twice?

If you finished 7th or 8th, you get no bonus for regular season standing. If you are 7th or 8th, and win your first round, you then get a bonus?
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Unread 05-01-2010, 05:59 PMJoined Aug 2009 - away - #4
luker1920 50 heat pts50 space
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no wonder these athletic trainers are all into the games lol
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