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Deion Sanders' Son / Barry Sanders' Son

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 Deion Sanders' Son / Barry Sanders' Son
Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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unkoricky 75 heat pts75 space
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He's a multi-sport athlete ... just like his dad.

And the facial resemblance - with a smile that can light up a room - is there. As is the quickness and the sinewy but deceptively strong body.

But Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus football coach Bryan Erwin really saw how much Deion Sanders Jr. was like his famous father on a broken play during a spring scrimmage vs. Irving (Texas) High.

It was a play-action pass play. Sanders - new to the quarterback position - felt pressure from the backside as he set to throw. So he reversed field, breaking one tackle and outrunning everyone else en route to a 25-yard gain.

"That's just the type of athleticism that he has," Erwin said. "If he doesn't like what he sees, he's going to take off, and we give him freedom to do that. He's got the green light, and that's where he's at his best."

Where he's at now appears to be best for everyone.

Deion Sanders Jr, wasn't planning on playing quarterback - which, oddly enough, is where his dad played in high school. And he wasn't planning on playing at Marcus - he transferred there midway through his sophomore season.

The position and school switch, however, couldn't have worked out better.

Wearing his dad's college jersey No. 2, Sanders Jr. - a 16-year-old junior, has recorded big plays from the QB position since the season began.

During Week One against Garland (Texas) High, Sanders completed just two of his three passes, but one went for a 30-yard touchdown. During Week Two against Grapevine, he scored on a 58-yard run.

Sanders' quickness combined with the rugged running of backs Rufus Mason and Dagan Newsome has helped Marcus win its first three games by a combined total of 124-40.

With Sanders running the show - and Mason and Newsome just plain running wild - Marcus has the potential to better last year's finish, when its 7-4 team lost to Cedar Hill (Texas) High, 41-17, during the Class 5A Division Region I area-round game at Cowboys Stadium.

It's the school, interestingly enough, that Sanders played on last year.


Marcus High welcomed a former foe when Sanders transferred in last January.

Deion Sanders Jr has the same blazing speed as his dad.
And while some of his teammates gave him grief about playing special teams for Cedar Hill during that playoff victory weeks before, few had to tell him their name.

Sanders may have been a new student, but he was an old buddy.

Sanders went to elementary school in Flower Mound with many of his current classmates.

"They don't look at me as (Deion Sanders') son," he said. "They just look at me as their friend."

After grade school, Sanders moved to the Cedar Hill area and attended Trinity Christian Junior High because of its strong academics. Seeking a higher level of sports competition, he enrolled at Cedar Hill for his freshman and sophomore year.

On the varsity squad, Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire employed the then-sophomore Sanders as a return specialist and backup wide receiver. He gained 57 yards on six carries off Jet Sweep plays.

McGuire knew he was frustrated, but Sanders worked hard and did not complain or press for more playing time. The coach lavished praise on Sanders, who would have started for him at wide receiver this year had he not transferred.

"He is a great kid," McGuire said. "It was a great a move for them from the standpoint that Coach Erwin over at Flower Mound Marcus - he's one of my good friends and does a great job."

According to his father, Sanders Jr. did not necessarily seek out QB opportunities but wanted more touches than he received at Cedar Hill.

"It was a great program, but he started thinking about, 'Dad, they got me playing receiver, and they don't throw the ball,'" Sanders Sr. said. "His mother was moving anyway back to the other side of town."

Sanders Jr. lives with his mother, Carolyn Chambers, who is divorced from Sanders Sr., and declined an interview request. Their son, though, discussed the return to Flower Mound.

"It was just her whole idea of moving back out here," Sanders Jr. said. "She has a lot of friends over here, and my cousin went to Marcus High."

The change of locale also worked out for the elder Sanders, who has three children - Shilo, Shedeur and Shelomi - with his second wife, Pilar Biggers. After living an hour away from him at Cedar Hill, he resides 15 to 20 minutes away from his oldest son and he spends one full day with him each week.


Despite his athleticism, Sanders remains a work in progress because of his inexperience at quarterback, a position he has not played since junior high.

"From a quarterback development standpoint, he's a little bit behind," Erwin said. "We're playing catch up with our quarterback skills, but he's got all the other intangibles."

Those intangibles include a charismatic personality and an ever-present smile, which Erwin said reminds him of his father. The Marcus players gravitate toward the younger version.

"He's the leader," Erwin said. "He's got that 'it' factor - that thing you look for in a quarterback."

Sanders Sr. has emphasized the importance of leadership to his son. He advised him to always congratulate his linemen and provide encouragement in the huddle. ("I'm coming right over your side and I believe in you.")

But much of Sanders Jr.'s leadership is instinctive not ingrained. His grade school report cards said he had a tendency to take control of the class.

"He's been that way since he was a kid," his dad said. "He's always been like that. He just has that in him."

From the physical perspective, the 16-year-old's arm strength remains good not great. Sanders never will be a classic dropback passer. His passing, however, continues to improve as he works on his throwing mechanics.

The only thing bigger than Deion's personality was his game.
"He's not a guy that's going to sit back there in the pocket all night and throw a ball 25, 30 yards down the field," Erwin said. "He's accurate in what we ask him to do."

And Sanders is the perfect fit for Marcus' run-based offense because of his quick feet and ability to throw on the move. He scrambles off bootlegs, play-action fakes and sprint outs.

Thus far, Sanders has completed 7-of-13 passes for 112 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions and rushed 13 times for 75 yards and a touchdown.

Though Sanders adeptly runs the Marcus offense, Erwin said the 5-7, 170-pounder is too small to play quarterback on the next level and that he will be a slot receiver or cornerback at a Division-I school.

The junior, who also plays baseball and basketball, has neither a college list nor any preferences regarding geography, coaches, atmosphere, etc. He considered attending camp last year at LSU but ultimately declined because his father could instruct him as well as the college coaches.

Sanders Sr., arguably Florida State's most famous former player, has not pushed him toward that school.

"I'm not that kind of dad," he said. "I'm not going to force that on him. I want him to be comfortable and his mother comfortable with where he decides to go."


Deion Sanders and his oldest son are close.

Sanders goes to all of his games and several practices each week. He sends him an inspirational text message at 6:30 each morning and several more throughout the day.

Considering he was one of the NFL's all-time greats - not to mention a pro baseball player, too - it only goes to figure that he would have some athletic tips, too.

To prepare him for both the next level and high school, father and son perform two-a-day, summer workouts at their Prosper, Texas house, which has a sand pit and football field in the backyard and a weight room below Deion Jr.' s bedroom.

During the morning they lift weights and condition. During the evening they do drills, throw passes and study film.

"That's when we really get it," Sanders Sr. said. "He's gotta go out there and work his butt off."

But as close as they are, there is one source of contention: Who would win a race between them?

"We always talk junk about that," Deion Sanders Sr. said. "But he knows he can't (beat me)."

Not that he's ever been given the chance.

Those workouts have never included a mano-a-mano sprint, which would settle the trash talk once and for all.

"We never race, but I think if we did, I would win," Sanders Jr. said. "I'm way faster."

Supremely confident ... just like his dad.
Rivals High - Deion Sanders' son has his father's spirit, skills
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '07 - away - #2
Pistol Peter 33 heat pts33 space
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[pic - click to view]

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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #3
unkoricky 75 heat pts75 space
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[pic - click to view]

[video - click to view]

Heritage Hall football coach Andy Bogert figured he was in good shape when he learned one of Barry Sanders' kids was going to join his program.

Barry Sanders' kid ran for 742 yards and 12 TDs as a freshman.
Bogert, however, had to see for himself, so he checked in on Sanders when he was playing in a junior high game.

First carry: 80 yards.

Second carry: 60 yards.

Third carry: 65 yards.

"We knew we had something special," Bogert said.

He also knew he had a problem.

His 2008 team was going to be dominated by 15 seniors, led by Petersen, a star in his own right. How would the team react to a freshman phenom - one who was sure to get the bulk of the media attention?

To prepare his team, Bogert addressed his players before last season. He said that Sanders would receive a lot of publicity because of his father's fame. That, he emphasized, was not Sanders' fault, and the players should not hold it against him.

"Ever since we got that all out in the open," Bogert said, "it really helped the dynamics of our team."

Petersen would go on to account for more 2,500 yards and two dozen touchdowns.
But that didn't mean the younger Sanders didn't get some chances, too.

Unlike his father, who famously had to wait two years to get his turn at Oklahoma State - starting only after Thurman Thomas left for the NFL - Sanders was a big part of the offense.

Sanders rushed for 742 yards and 12 touchdowns on 89 carries while helping his school go 15-0 and capture the 2008 Oklahoma 2A state title.

Bogert can only imagine how the next three years will go.

"He's just coming into his potential, and he's a pretty good back right now," Bogert said. "Barry's got the goods to become a great, great player not only in high school - in college and probably further."


The Lincoln Christian defensive end thought he had him in the backfield, but Sanders used his quickness to get around him. The defensive back thought he had him down low, but Sanders leaped over him.

Now it was a race to the sideline. Sanders, building up speed, shrugged off an attempted tackle by a linebacker.

That's right, a running back named Barry Sanders, seemingly trapped in the backfield, had eluded his pursuers and was off on a big run.



When he played in the NFL, Barry Sanders often was compared to Jim Brown.

But never to Jim Carrey.

Known for his unassuming and quiet nature, the elder Sanders tossed the football to the referee instead of celebrating after each of his 109 touchdowns. He passed on a chance to re-enter a game that was out of reach when the coaching staff offered to get him the 10 more yards he needed to win the rushing title. And, of course, he retired from the league seemingly at his peak, showing little concern for his place in the all-time record book.

He has stayed out of the public eye ever since.

The younger Sanders has that humbleness but also is an upbeat, jovial kid, who sports an ever-present grin. He disarmingly chuckled between a reporter's questions.

Last year - get this - Bogert reprimanded him for smiling after he fumbled during practice.

"I try to laugh as much as possible," Sanders said. "I've gotten my more talkative, outgoing side from Mom's side."

Some height, apparently, too.

Though just a sophomore (and one that won't turn 16 until April), Sanders is 5-11 and 180 pounds - or already three inches taller than his father.

He's more of an upright runner than his father - who had a seemingly pinball style of play while busting through and around the line of scrimmage. But he shares his father's exceptional field vision and precise cuts.

And there's the 4.44 time in the 40, too.

"There are a lot of similarities especially in the way they cut," Bogert said. "Some of the plays - you could probably superimpose them running together, and they'd look really similar."

Those similarities are inherited rather than learned.

Barry Sanders says he has focused on being a father instead of a coach to his son. He views Sanders hanging out with good peers and continuing to avoid negative influences as a far more important goal.

"I can't think of anything I've given him advice on as far as (playing) ball," Sanders said.

"There's going to be a lot of advice he's going to need, and probably the thing that he'll need the least help with will be football. ? The football part of it - even though it's not easy - is a heck of a lot easier than a lot of this other stuff that us parents have to guide our kids on."

Sanders lives with his mother, Aletha House, in the Oklahoma City area. His father, who owns a car dealership and bank in Oklahoma, resides in Bloomfield, Mich. with his wife, Lauren, and his three other sons.

Sanders, however, keeps in constant contact with his son; he attends about half of his games. And he's happy to see that most fans allow him to be a dad.

"People are usually pretty understanding why I'm there," Sanders said. "And most people are watching the game as well. So it hasn't been that bad at all."


As he crossed midfield, there were no longer any Lincoln Christian defenders in front of them. One, however, was on the ground, courtesy of a solid downfield block. No problem. Sanders leaped over the pile and kept his balance while managing to stay inbounds.

One final defender was two steps behind - but he wasn't going to close the gap. Sixty-four yards later, Sanders was in the end zone.

The legend - the new legend - was just beginning. A week later, Sanders had three more touchdowns in the state championship game, a 37-7 victory.

This year's Heritage Hall team features just seven seniors and figures to be a sophomore-dominated group.

Sophomore Cale Courtney takes over at quarterback; linebacker Marc Robinson, who had 180 tackles and 12 sacks during 2008, will lead the defense.

But he'll get some help. Sanders will become a two-way player, starting at cornerback, too. He'll return kicks, too.

Despite Sanders' defensive and special teams skills, Bogert said his true calling remains at running back. The question, though, is not his position but his sport.

An excellent outfielder, Sanders said he likes both football and baseball equally and likely will select the one in which he has the most promise.

"Both of them are real fun," he said. "I'll choose which one probably junior/senior year and stick with it, but for now I'm just enjoying both of them."

He could pursue either of those sports at Oklahoma State. Although Sanders has an affinity for the Cowboys, he has not given much thought to prospective colleges.

"I would love to play down in Stillwater," he said. "Like any other player, if I do become a senior and opportunities come, I'll have to pick and choose from there. We'll see."
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '08 - away - #4
primetime 60 heat pts60 space
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goats at their position
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Unread 09-23-2010, 09:08 AMclass of -  - #5
HotepSuns  space
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$n/a |
unkoricky said:

[pic - click to view]

barry's son looks like an animal....damn...that s**t is eerie what is inherited genetically...
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Unread 09-23-2010, 09:25 AMclass of -  - #6
Got Cheeve?  space
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$n/a |
Hell yeah all my dad's old girlfriends hit on me any time i see them around town and s**t i'm like wtf hahaha
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '10 - away - #7
murd410 31 heat pts31 space
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$3,790 | 20145152
the play @ 6 mins on the youtube jumpoff was nice
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #8
TheMagicMan|M 2 heat pts space
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Honolulu Blue
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If his son is even half of what his Dad was, Sanders Jr. is gonna be a monster...and I can guarantee he'll never play for the lions
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #9
unkoricky 75 heat pts75 space
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Senior Member
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J.R. Hyphy said:
I wonder what kind of competition he's up against in HS. But Barry Sanders Jr looks talented as hell.
If your talking about Deion, i use to play in the same division back in HS against Marcus HS.

It was Lewisville,Marcus and so on.. i know after alignment its different now, but the competition is up there... its not some country boy 2a/3a division.

But Barry Sanders kid is the real deal.. i think he's leaning OSU obviously.
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '10 - away - #10
Firsatile  space
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ur soul isnt a toy
$2,181 | 6778945
i like that run at 2:14 LOL___ he told the ref "excuse me" and the ref stay right there___ hes gonna be a problem_ but I loved it how Barry seen the managment decisions and just retired__

big shot outs to Scott Mitchell, though__ we wish u had some linemen to throw, man
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '08 - away - #11
Mike Nitty 6 heat pts space
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#DoIT4BenjiACL #HardyGone
$25,060 | 20891003
I took a few things from both articles....

Famous athletes are "more likely" to get divorced....sheesh

Both them boys are gonna be problems no doubt...

Barry's son is bigger than him with 4.4 speed.

Barry got 3 more sons

Deion's son is short as fuk...def gon be a slot receiver or corner in college.

It fukn pays to have a HOF dad.
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #12
shadymilkman 10 heat pts10 space
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Senior Member
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not hating, but barry sanders jr. didn't look that special to me. And some of the comp. looks like middle schoolers
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #13
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3rd Coast Born...
$426 | 1361830
^ It's because he's in Oklahoma, not Texas or Florida

still lookin' scary tho
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Unread 5 years agoclass of '04 - away - #14
9th ward Bally 1 heat pts space
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Crescent City Connect
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Mystikal-Man, i's finna be some problems, man
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