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The Official Halo 4 Thread
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 The Official Halo 4 Thread
topic by GrownmanJ - 10-20-2012, 10:18 PM

An Ancient Evil Awakens

The Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation. Shipwrecked on a mysterious world, faced with new enemies and deadly technology...the universe will never be the same.


Halo 4 IGN Review

IGN Score - 9.8


Players can engage Halo 4 through a number of ways. In Campaign, players take the role of the Master Chief, the living legend of the Covenant War, a SPARTAN-II super-soldier wearing heavily modified GEN1 Mjolnir armor. Within War Games and Spartan Ops, players take the role of a highly specialized SPARTAN-IV super-soldier, deployed from UNSC Infinity and utilizing a state-of-the-art Mjolnir GEN2 armor system.

In both roles, players can leverage all of the expected abilities of a Spartan: power, speed, dexterity, and resilience far beyond that of a normal human. The player’s Mjolnir armor can also provide individualized specializations referred to as Armor Abilities, such as Hardlight Shield, Active Camouflage, or Jet Pack. SPARTAN-IVs can integrate additional armor modifications, such as Support Upgrades and Tactical Packages, which apply incremental yet valuable improvements to a Spartan’s combat functionality.


Much like the GEN1 armor that preceded it, Mjolnir GEN2 Powered a$sault Armor offers component modularity, which enables users to add physical hardware to their armor, dramatically modifying their combat faculty and performance. The impressive aspect of this attribute is that Mjolnir’s firmware is capable of detecting and translating non-native technology, including the technologies used by both Covenant and Forerunner infantry units, such as the Hologram or the Hardlight Shield.

The T-27 Decoy package, referred in shorthand as “Hologram,” is a responsive emulator that generates an extremely realistic holographic copy of the user's physical form and movement. Once used exclusively by the Covenant, this decoy technology has now been reverse engineered for Mjolnir armor systems, and is used as a ruse in the field to trick enemy infantry and armor into revealing their position, thereby placing them at a disadvantage.

The M805X Thruster Pack, similar to other EVA-focused thrust modules, is a movement acceleration system that mitigates the user’s need for a fulcrum or pivoting articulation. This ability allows the user to move quickly and aggressively in combat, whether closing the gap between the user and an enemy or finding cover.

The recently recovered Z-90 Hardlight Shield appears to be a photon emitter that can fuse particles of light into a rigid, dissipative barrier. For Spartans who choose to integrate it, the technology functions as a full-size aegis-class, anti-personnel defensive shield.

The Z-5080 Vision Modification system, colloquially referred to as “Promethean Vision,” is a short-range full-spectrum enhancement package that enables users to detect shapes and movement through solid barriers. Coupled with the VISR 4.0 tech suite, this software is one of the most formidable leveraged by GEN2 armor systems.


The technological advancement to Mjolnir GEN2 offers Spartans a seamless integration of armor mods to improve their proficiency during battle. Among these are Tactical Packages: software updates that increase Spartans’ combat readiness and responsiveness when configured within their loadout. While Tactical Packages may appear to be marginal in their overall benefit, the pervasive use of them by combat-experienced Spartans argues otherwise.

By alternating redundant magnetic streams at the rear of a Spartan’s armor, the Firepower Package overrides regulated loadout limitations, allowing users to carry two primary weapons simultaneously. For Spartans who prefer heavier or longer-ranged firepower over close-range versatility and speed, this package is typically considered imperative.

Through a modifying bypass of standard performance regulators, the Shielding Package reinforces personal energy-shield emitters, resulting in a substantially higher shield-recharge rate. After taking damage, Spartans will notice their shields recharging at a quicker speed than others who have not opted for this package in their loadout.


With the recent proliferation of Mjolnir GEN2 armor comes the leveraging of a variety of armor mods, capable of enhancing a Spartan’s combat performance in the field. Critical to these are Support Upgrades, ad hoc technology-based enhancements to a Spartan’s armor functionality when introduced into their loadout. Support Upgrades focus on augmenting combat resiliency during engagements, specifically over protracted firef!ghts and combat scenarios.

Facilitating relatively minor adjustments in an armor system’s HUD-distributed display mechanics, the Awareness Upgrade integrates the default motion sensor into all known scoped weapon smart-links, both native and exotic. Spartans engaging in long-range combat or sniper operations often rely on this upgrade to provide them with basic motion-sensor data while sighting an enemy from afar.

The Ammo Upgrade overrides default Mjolnir safety and capacity protocols allowing Spartans to exceed suggested ammunition loads in the field. This upgrade is highly recommended for close-quarters engagement roles and any encounters that require excessive ammunition expenditures.

Although it violates general UNSC relay transmission regulations, the Sensor Upgrade increases both the range and sensitivity of the standard motion sensor. As it is most frequently utilized by stealth operatives and infiltration specialists, this upgrade provides heightened locational intel of all nearby enemies.

Through both War Games and Spartan Ops, personnel can effectively rank up, unlocking items, such as armor kits, components, and skins, for use within their custom loadouts. What’s more, Spartans earn points while ranking up that they can use to purchase items to improve their combat performance and abilities in the field.

As personnel within the UNSC’s Spartan branch advance in rank, they earn a wide selection of armor sets and individual pieces, which they can mix and match to reflect their personal tastes. In addition, they can outfit their armor with alternate skins to elaborate their field presence and identity. Some of the rarest armor sets and components can only be received upon completion of specific in-game Commendations, Challenges, or other Waypoint goals.

During the course of War Games simulations and Spartan Ops, drop pods can deploy ordnance into the field. Once on the ground, these pods are marked on the heads-up displays of all nearby personnel who can then acquire the weapons or power-ups for use against enemies. In some simulated matches within War Games, Spartans can earn and manually call in their own ordnance drops.

Game Modes

Four years after the end of the Covenant War, Cortana has awoken the legendary Master Chief within the battered and stranded remains of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. In front of them looms Requiem, a Forerunner world unlike any other, home to a power far greater than anything humanity has ever faced before. The Chief must now f!ght his way through enemies, both new and familiar, to uncover secrets one hundred thousand years old.

This unparalleled, revolutionary battle simulation system is where Spartans go to hone their skills in competitive combat. Through the dual purposing of holographic technology and vast pneumatic riser fields, the War Games facility is transformed into a hyper-realistic battlefield, simulating both real and hypothetical combat arenas. Moderated by the War Games AI, Spartans engage in a variety of classic and new gametypes.

The designation “Spartan Ops" has been given to any and all on-record missions conducted by Spartans of the UNSC Infinity. For longtime Halo fans, however, Spartan Ops represents a watershed moment of immersive, story-driven cooperative gameplay delivered in addictive, bite-sized episodic pieces. Spartan Ops episodes run the course of a season, providing epic gameplay experiences driven by the powerful stories of the Spartans aboard Infinity, as they encounter the hostile alien world of Requiem.

November 6, 2012 > The Official Halo 4 Thread - Photo posted in BX GameSpot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Official Launch trailer

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555 comments for "The Official Halo 4 Thread"

 10-20-2012, 10:23 PMonline - #2

$5,167 | POWERFUL
Son..I haven't been this hype for a Halo since 2..
 10-20-2012, 11:18 PMonline - #3
BrooklynSwag 7 heat pts

$8,584 | POWERFUL
This is a very powerful Halo 4 Thread.

 10-20-2012, 11:26 PMaway - #4
MischiefTooReal 75 heat pts75

$7,297 | POWERFUL
Forgot I already pre-ordered this. Let's goooo.
 10-20-2012, 11:28 PMaway - #5
LakeHawks 101 heat pts101

$12,992 | POWERFUL
First Page
 10-21-2012, 12:21 AMonline - #6
TattooedMPsz 31 heat pts31

$16,485 | POWERFUL
page first

 10-21-2012, 12:26 AMonline - #7
TattooedMPsz 31 heat pts31

$16,485 | POWERFUL
cant wait until november 6th that halo edition xbox will be mine

 10-21-2012, 01:07 AMaway - #8

$1,475 | POWERFUL
Im ready...
 10-21-2012, 01:29 AMaway - #9
SwizZy 72 heat pts72

$2,331 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by TattooedMPsz
cant wait until november 6th that halo edition xbox will be mine

 10-21-2012, 01:51 AMonline - #10
TattooedMPsz 31 heat pts31

$16,485 | POWERFUL
halo 4 limited edition 99.99 at local retailers while supplies last

Last edited by TattooedMPsz; 10-21-2012 at 02:19 AM..
 10-21-2012, 02:00 AMonline - #11
TattooedMPsz 31 heat pts31

$16,485 | POWERFUL
halo 4 limited edition xbox360 controller available now for 59.99 at local retailers

Last edited by TattooedMPsz; 10-21-2012 at 02:04 AM..
 10-21-2012, 02:03 AMaway - #12
RasheeD WalletZ 3 heat pts

$1,551 | 4531407

 10-21-2012, 02:08 AMonline - #13
TattooedMPsz 31 heat pts31

$16,485 | POWERFUL
halo 4 limited edition xbox 360 349.99 at local retailers while supplies last

Last edited by TattooedMPsz; 10-21-2012 at 05:45 AM..
 10-21-2012, 02:11 AMaway - #14
LakeHawks 101 heat pts101

$12,992 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by TattooedMPsz
halo 4 limited edition 99.99 at local retailers
Bro i think that edition is sold out EVERYWHERE.....got mine tho...

all that content gonna get read while im taking a ####

EDIT: Gamestop.com got em dont sleep
 10-21-2012, 02:37 AMonline - #15
notoriousthugzz 34 heat pts34

$16,597 | POWERFUL
 10-21-2012, 03:14 AMaway - #16
Syringe|m 1 heat pts

$12,688 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by TattooedMPsz
 10-21-2012, 04:54 AMaway - #17
Intoxicated 122 heat pts122

$2,160 | POWERFUL
Many hours will be lost playing halo again. Can't wait for the 6th..
 10-21-2012, 07:58 AMonline - #18
ShaquilleBrown 4 heat pts

$4,474 | 15513896

 10-21-2012, 08:28 AMaway - #19
MOTTAFOOKAH 2 heat pts

$9,316 | POWERFUL
Hated Reach; loved 3.. probably getting back in business wit this...
 10-21-2012, 09:09 AMaway - #20
Spartan 119 23 heat pts23

$2,497 | 19546261
Im ready



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