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Sony Working On "New Console" with AMD Graphics, Says Report

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 Sony Working On "New Console" with AMD Graphics, Says Report
topic by latin_linx - 02-23-2012, 08:34 AM

According to a report from Forbes, Sony is working on a new video game console that it has yet to name. And while the potential existence of a PlayStation 4 — should Sony choose to call it that — is not really surprising, a reported graphics hardware switcheroo might be.

Forbes writes that Sony may be tapping AMD to provide the graphics chip for its next game console, according to "former AMD employees." AMD and Sony offered no comment on the report.

The PlayStation 3 relies on Nvidia-made hardware to handle its graphics processing. Microsoft's Xbox 360 features an AMD-made GPU, having switched from an Nvidia NV2A in the original Xbox.

While the choice of GPU hardware in Sony's next-generation console may not have a material impact on end users and the performance of a PS4, it could be a roadblock in backwards compatibility support.


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 02-23-2012, 09:37 AMaway - #2
carden2 10 heat pts10 space
$11,979 | POWERFUL
maybe sony is actually concerned with production cost and making some profit

wasnt first ps3 s costing like 800 to build and selling for 600 or something

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