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Rayman Legends Wii-U Premier Trailer

 Rayman Legends Wii-U Premier Trailer
topic by TheProtege9020 - 04-27-2012, 10:58 AM - Boxden > BX GameSpot

Rayman Legends - Premier trailer

A leaked trailer for Rayman Legends on Wii U shows details of the console's functionality, including touch control, graphics and near-field communication capabilities.

The trailer, which originally went up on YouTube, has since been pulled - luckily, we grabbed a copy, which you can see below. As well as confirming the game's existence, it also shows off some really cool Wii U features.

The first half of the trailer shows of gameplay footage which indicates (superficially at least) that the Wii U is at least up to the graphical standards of PS3 and 360, and demonstrates players using a combination of tablets and Wii remotes to control the game in different ways, using a combination of touch and button control.

The second half of the trailer, though, shows that the Wii U can react to objects places on the tablet screen - rather like how Activision's Skylanders figures interact with the game. It shows a player placing a plastic heart on the tablet screen, which translates into an in-game power-up, and magicking a Rabbid into the game with another figurine. At the end, most excitingly, it teases an Ezio figurine.

These are things that Nintendo presumably won't want us to know before E3, when we'll be given a full introduction to the new console.

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10 comments for "Rayman Legends Wii-U Premier Trailer"

 04-27-2012, 11:39 AMaway - #2
r.burgundy 13 heat pts13

$31,946 | POWERFUL
looks sick
 04-27-2012, 11:50 AMaway - #3
TheProtege9020 50 heat pts50

$4,816 | POWERFUL
I wanna see how they use Ezio in that #### lol
 04-27-2012, 12:20 PMaway - #4
fatboi1 6 heat pts

$3,287 | 12815376
That #### looks hot sauce.
 04-27-2012, 03:55 PMaway - #5
Prince Ace 9 heat pts

$8,436 | POWERFUL
looks pretty dope
 04-27-2012, 06:32 PMaway - #6
thaghost36 10 heat pts10

$1,771 | 8886437
Good Stuff!
 04-29-2012, 01:39 PMonline - #7
Explicit 55 heat pts55

$6,715 | POWERFUL
I'm liking what I'm seeing
 04-29-2012, 02:51 PMaway - #8
bd2eazy 37 heat pts37

$4,822 | POWERFUL
id cop. my lil girl loves rayman origins.
its mad fun to sit down n play that game
wit her.

 04-29-2012, 03:33 PMaway - #9
Jesszman 2187 heat pts2187

$29,644 | POWERFUL
looks like ####, this is a horrible idea
 04-29-2012, 04:24 PMaway - #10
K1 59 heat pts59

$11,132 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by Jesszman
looks like ####, but I would be busting nuts over this a trailer for the PS3 version because I am a biased little ####
 04-29-2012, 06:43 PMaway - #11
Jesszman 2187 heat pts2187

$29,644 | POWERFUL
Originally Posted by K1Entertainment
Biased? think before you post. If the wii u really goes hard with this NFC thing, say goodbye to DLC. You'll be buying mountains of figurines to unlock all the ish on your disc. Go talk to the skylander people and ask them how they feel about spending $300+ on some figures. And when you lose that rare figure, you're done, you gotta go get another. You better hope this #### fails or MS and Sony are going to adopt the NFC method and we're all ####ed.

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