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How To: Applying Mods To Batman: Arkham City

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 How To: Applying Mods To Batman: Arkham City
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News on post launch content for Batman: Arkham City has begun to slow, and the PC modding scene is growing fast. We’ve recently introduced an all new site feature in which we showcase our favorite mods provided by the community. We’ve noticed a huge interest and want to show you how to implement these awesome modifications.

AlexVance's awesome Batman Returns Catwoman skin. Our debut showcased mod!

First of all you need to download Texmod. This nifty piece of software allows you to apply custom modified files to Batman: Arkham City.

Before you start you should have a file named Texmod.exe and your custom .tpf file. This file contains your Arkham City mod.

First of all you have to select Batman: Arkham City as the game you wish to modify...

1. Run Texmod.exe.
2. Click the large folder icon below Target Application. Select BatmanAC.exe found within theBatman Arkham City/Binaries/Win32 folder.

Now you’re going to apply your new modification...

1. You’ll see three column options: Package Mode, Logging Mode and Package Build. Select Package Mode.
2. Click the small folder icon and select your custom .tpf file.
3. Select run and the game will launch with your new modified graphics file.

There we have it! You should be now playing with your desired Batman: Arkham City mod. If you're unsure on what mods are available keep an eye out on our weekly Mod Showcase!

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Batman Arkham City • How To: Applying Mods To Batman: Arkham City
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