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7 hours ago
 Image inside Rappers With Fake Watches Put on Blast!
by ChickzNKickz - 125 comments
7 hours ago
  Image inside This sh-t is crazy son
by HeatMafia410 - 82 comments
7 hours ago
 Image inside Paparazzi Still Won't Leave Wale Alone
by GHova315 - 74 comments
7 hours ago
  Image inside Godfather 50 Posting Pics On Twitter Of All The ..
by HipHopFactz - 49 comments
 U know something’s wrong when niggas R gettin sh.. | 58
 Video inside 50 Cent - Hustler (Official Video) | 85
 Video inside Happy Makes Pharrell Cry | OWN | 51
 Audio inside Tony Yayo - Devil’s Advocate (Feat. Young Buck) | 46
  MMA Chuck Norris: Bruce Lee and I would have done well .. | 54
 NFL AFC Coach: "Teddy Bridgewater = Willie Beamen" | 48
  NBA Damian Lillard's new Footlocker commercial "No Ring.. | 54
  NBA Reddit makes Joakim Noah gifs and they're amazing (.. | 27
Sza "z" (2014) Sza "z" (2014)

Rating Album rated by 15 people

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* Vote the winning team and add a W to your personal win/loss record
Closed | NBA April 15 - New York Knicks @ Brooklyn Nets
Closed | NBA April 15 - Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Clipp..
19 hours left | NBA April 16 - Chicago Bulls @ Charlotte Bobcats
19 hours left | NBA April 16 - Indiana Pacers @ Orlando Magic
* Season 62% complete | 702 players ranked | This Week's Power Rankings
top last 12 hours | new
7 hours ago
 Image inside Post PICS: If BX Was a Person
by mcrw4 - 75 comments
6 hours ago
 Image inside So Excited To Meet My Dad...
by Ham Rove - 49 comments
 Image inside Blood Moon! You WANT To See This! | 18
 Image inside Me Wishing A Ni66a Would....... | 10
  Image inside Best Way To BBQ | 10
 Video inside Now niggas transplanting beards | 31
 Image inside Russia has a secret weapon against the West, and.. | 17
 Image inside Lunar Eclipse Facts: 5 Neat Things About Tonight.. | 42
 Beef Prices Soar to Highest Level Since '87 | 45
 Image inside Native Americans say US violated human rights | 37
top last 12 hours | new
5 hours ago
 Xbox Uno update coming tonight (Apr 14)
by Jesszman - 51 comments
5 hours ago
  This game is dope as fu-k!
by Kewop Decam - 11 comments
 Video inside Slim Vita Vs. Original Model Vita Video Compairi.. | 44
  All Next Gen Console Owners: System off or Standby | 47
 Video inside MLB 14 The Show Livestream (PS4) | 8
 CoD: Ghosts Snoop Dogg Voice Over DLC Trailer | 17
  Video inside Channing Tatum Has Met with FOX for GAMBIT Role | 21
 Article inside Samuel Jackson May Return for Die Hard 6 | 12
 Video inside Paul Bettany Talks Voicing JARVIS To Playing the.. | 4
 Article inside Hans Zimmer Confirms That He Will Score Zack Sny.. | 12
Dark Souls Ii (pc, Ps3, Xbox 360)(2014) Dark Souls Ii (pc, Ps3, Xbox 360)(2014)

Rating Game rated by 6 people

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Cesar Chavez (2014) Cesar Chavez (2014)

Rating Movie rated by 2 people

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 April 19th 2014 Jordan restock at | 24
 Image inside Timberland Foams? | 40
 Image inside Jordan 11 Low 'Speckle' | 26
 Image inside How to ruin an Air Jordan VI | 25
 Image inside Vintage Pam Grier In The 1970's....... | 43
 Image inside Iggy Azalea At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards In Los .. | 14
 Image inside Rihanna At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards In Los Ange.. | 15
 Image inside Victoria Justice At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards In.. | 22
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7 days ago
 Image inside BMW Will Debut The 9-Series !
by bigscore - 36 comments
6 days ago
 Image inside 2015 Buick Grand National and GNX
by thetfd - 78 comments
 Image inside Tesla Model S...Convertible? Newport Takes Top O.. | 13
 Video inside Land Rover shows off a 'Transparent' bonnet (hoo.. | 7
 Image inside Prior Design Widebody BMW F12 6 Series | 6
 Video inside First Hennessey Corvette C7 Hits 200MPH | 3
top last 48 hours | new
2 days ago
 Image inside Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 Camera Shootout
by Adamsville - 48 comments
2 days ago
 Image inside Galaxy S5 Outperforms the HTC One M8 and iPhone ..
by Adamsville - 40 comments
 Article inside Samsung stops making OLED TVs due to LG’s domina.. | 8
 Article inside Samsung Galaxy S5's first day sales were 30% to .. | 9
 Video inside Samsung Galaxy S 5 unboxing/impressions (Floss C.. | 4
 Article inside HTC's losses deepen as firm pins final hopes on .. | 14

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Get huge - thats what the ladies want.
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A sub-genre of the KC, this forum is about facts dealing with the topics of science. Faculty of Arts subjects (religion, conspiracies, sociology) belong in the KC not here.
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by hockeythug
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by Adwerdz
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Xbox Uno update coming tonight (Apr 14)
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 NBA Nets Tanking For #6 Seed? Pierce, J. Johnson, D. Willi...
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 Image(s) inside Paparazzi Still Won't Leave Wale Alone
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 NBA Damian Lillard's New Footlocker Commercial "no Ri...
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 Video inside Happy Makes Pharrell Cry | Own
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 Video inside 50 Cent - Hustler (official Video)
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 Image(s) inside Apr 13 - "omfg I Was Kidding" :dead:
New reply 12 minutes ago - 79 comments - by Suavphisticated

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