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  Image inside Migos donate to local high school in Atlanta | 58
  Video inside Star Goes In On Talib Kweli, Says Don Lemon Shou.. | 19
  Image inside Jodeci looking a lil uncomfortable... throwback | 11
  Video inside What Do Charles Hamilton, Iggy Azalea And Rita O.. | 11
 NBA NBA 2K honors Hassan Whiteside's request after trip.. | 54
 NFL NFL is rigged? | 69
 NCAAB stephen curry wanted to go to duke | 82
 NBA This Nick Young Stat Is Crazy | 25
Jazmine Sullivan - Reality Show (2015) Jazmine Sullivan - Reality Show (2015)

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15 hours left | NCAAB Jan 28 - (4) Duke @ (8) Notre Dame
15 hours left | NCAAB Jan 28 - Texas Tech @ (24) Oklahoma
17 hours left | NCAAB Jan 28 - (9) Kansas @ Tcu
18 hours left | NCAAB Jan 28 - Oregon @ (6) Arizona
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12 hours ago
 Video inside When you're in a relationship and a pretty girl ..
by grapedrank - 108 comments
12 hours ago
 Image inside What if Michael Jackson
by ZoneOut - 39 comments
 Image inside Are McDonald's eggs real? Fast food giant cracks.. | 35
 Image inside Sarah Palin Wants The D | 22
 Image inside who had parent that would do this | 11
 Video inside Throwback: Keeping your refrigerator stocked wil.. | 14
 Image inside Teen snow-tubing on New York street hits light p.. | 10
 Jan 26 - China Face-To-Face With Dramatic Gender.. | 9
 Image inside 100 square foot compact home 10 feet high in a box | 2
 Image inside Mother accussed of intentionally putting fecal m.. | 9
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11 hours ago
 Video inside Mortal Kombat X - Reptile Revealed
by Tron Carter - 37 comments
11 hours ago
 Image inside EA Will Charge Players to Fill Their Tank With G..
by Da Ill One - 23 comments
 Call Of Duty Adv Warfare Zombies First Look | 20
  Video inside Dragonball Xenoverse Combos & Ultimate Attacks G.. | 14
  Video inside The hype for THE ORDER: 1886 is REAL | 24
 Video inside This apartment built in Unreal Engine 4 is nicer.. | 8
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11 hours ago
 Video inside First Fantastic Four trailer.
by FEDORER - 168 comments
11 hours ago
 Image inside New All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Chosen
by Ham Rove - 55 comments
 Robert Downey Jr talks Tony Stark's turn in Civi.. | 39
 Video inside Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015 | 21
 Image inside The Man With The Iron Fists 2 (Blu Ray Cover) | 13
 Disney Eyeing Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones Revi.. | 28
Bound By Flame (pc, Ps4, Ps3, Xbox 360)(2.. Bound By Flame (pc, Ps4, Ps3, Xbox 360)(2..

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Selma (2015) Selma (2015)

Rating Movie rated by 11 people

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2 days ago
 Image inside BBBBBBBut Year Of The 'Remastered' Retros :mjlol:
by Rico23 - 67 comments
3 days ago
 Video inside When Dry Cleaning Jordans Goes Wrong
by BobbyHemmit - 39 comments
  Image inside AIR Jordan X Bulls Over Broadway Pics and releas.. | 36
  Image inside DTLR x Timberland 6-Inch 'Ocean's 15' Boot | 26
  Image inside The Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium QS “Super .. | 14
  Image inside Photographer Files Jordan Brand Lawsuit Claiming.. | 22
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2 days ago
 Image inside Mckayla Maroney :hardendatass:
by calviiin - 55 comments
2 days ago
  Image inside Asia jackson
by woodthatdude - 34 comments
  Image inside jazlyn | 25
 Image inside Kellita Smith Making Me Nut All Over Myself | 26
  Image inside Kaceylynn Vaughn | 17
 Image inside Childhood Crushin': Danielle Fishel (Topanga) | 29
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6 days ago
 Image inside 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600
by djkamikaze - 17 comments
6 days ago
 Image inside BMW's 326-hp M135i
by djkamikaze - 2 comments
 America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built.. | 7
 Video inside C7 vs. P85D | 3
 Image inside Liberty Walk Widebody Dodge Challenger Is Pure M.. | 2
 Video inside 10 Flame-Spitting Cars You Must Never Tailgate | 1
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1 day ago
 T-Mobile Will Now Offer $0 Down For Everyone. N..
by mr_underground - 10 comments
1 day ago
 Cyanogen Wants To Self Ether Itself By Creating ..
by KidPow - 12 comments
 Exynos 7420 Used In Upcoming Galaxy S6 Beats A8 .. | 35
 Image inside Rumored 'iPad Pro' and Companion Stylus Imagined.. | 2
 Image inside Apple's AuthenTec Acquisition Left Nexus 6 Witho.. | 4
 Image inside *Rumor* HTC M9 Will No Longer Have Black Bar and.. | 2

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What's going down in the urban music scene.
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Get huge - thats what the ladies want.
by ts21
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A sub-genre of the KC, this forum is about facts dealing with the topics of science. Faculty of Arts subjects (religion, conspiracies, sociology) belong in the KC not here.
by Mike T
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Info on careers, jobs, how to obtain credit, types of credit, how to finance a car or a house, investing and managing your own personal finance.
by djsach21
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Post recipes with pics, or just pics/video of some scrumptious eats.
by Ricky Towel
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Pics, video, or stories of spots you traveled to or where you want to go, or plan to check out in the future.
by mushroomman
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Post pics of your animals, Q and A, or anything else related.
by Jamie.
01-25-2015 05:57 PM Go to last post

Image inside  Migos donate to local high school in Atlanta
BOX Mayweather & Pacquiao both in attendance at the Heat ..
NFL Boomer Esiason says NFL should fine richard sherman for ..
 Image(s) inside Drizzy Making A New Mixtape!
New reply 4 minutes ago - 66 comments - by calviiin
 NFL I'm Here So I Won't Get Fined
New reply 25 minutes ago - 160 comments - by Bkjj11
  J. Cole Turning His Childhood Home Into A Rent-free Sa...
New reply 6 minutes ago - 71 comments - by ColdOne87
 NBA Paul Pierce On Why Trash Talk Is Down In League: Nba2k
New reply 29 minutes ago - 52 comments - by T.O.N.Y.
 NFL Nfl Is Rigged?
New reply 21 minutes ago - 69 comments - by lilbeast
 NBA How A Former Nba Player Turned $350,000 Into $400 Mill...
New reply 33 minutes ago - 90 comments - by Avon_Barksdale
 Article inside Young Thug To Lil Wayne - "yea Ima Be At Liv Toni...
New reply 23 minutes ago - 51 comments - by GroovyJay
 Video inside When You're In A Relationship And A Pretty Girl Walks By
New reply 35 minutes ago - 108 comments - by grapedrank
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