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6 hours ago
 Image inside Riff Raff Gains 55 Pounds Of Muscle And Is Compl..
by Avon_Barksdale - 119 comments
11 hours ago
  Video inside Bow Wow get cha hoe mang
by MagicOnTheTire - 58 comments
11 hours ago
 Lil Wayne Sues Birdman's Cash Money
by champlain - 59 comments
6 hours ago
  Image inside Snoop Dogg catches Daz Dillinger & his Stomach s..
by youngmic - 27 comments
 Image inside This Should Be The Cover On Jay-Z Da Gawd's New .. | 45
  Image inside Joe Budden Tells Tahiry Story On Twitter | 30
  Ludacris Wins Full Custody of Daughter Cai | 26
  Video inside Asap yams montreality interview | 21
  NFL Boycott Skittles: Marshawn Lynch monetizes mocking .. | 37
  NFL Broncos hire Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator | 34
  MMA Dana White: UFC targeting May for Jon Jones vs. Ant.. | 25
  NFL Karlos Dansby: "Without a doubt Manziel can lead Br.. | 17
Jarren Benton - Slow Motion Ep (2015) Jarren Benton - Slow Motion Ep (2015)

Rating Album rated by 1 people

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9 hours left | NCAAB Jan 29 - Depaul @ Providence
14 hours left | NCAAB Jan 29 - (16) Maryland @ Ohio State
14 hours left | NBA Jan 29 - Bucks At Magic
14 hours left | NBA Jan 29 - Knicks At Pacers
* Season 41% complete | 465 players ranked | This Week's Power Rankings
top last 24 hours | new
15 hours ago
 Image inside Black Parents Give Birth To White Baby
by Chedda - 132 comments
15 hours ago
 Image inside No sir, I don't like it
by Jeff Roorda - 38 comments
 Image inside Rewind: Awkward Photos | 16
 Video inside Hugh Hefner's Son Tells Us What It Was Like Grow.. | 9
 one unidentified australian weed strain allegedl.. | 22
 Image inside Master p's successful son a | 20
 Jan 27 - Cat Buried Alive Digs Itself Out Five D.. | 22
 Former FOX News employee commits suicide outside.. | 11
 Video inside Ben & Jerry’s Founders Support #BlackLivesMatter | 17
 Video inside Sheriff Clarke Blasts NAACP: Black Deadbeat Dads.. | 13
top last 24 hours | new
14 hours ago
 PS4 Jailbreak In Development And Will Be Availab..
by Da Ill One - 43 comments
14 hours ago
 EA sale on PSN 80 up to 80 percent off
by Bigrel - 19 comments
 Xbox Live Games with Gold for February 2015 | 22
  Image inside New PS4 Exclusive Teased by Square Enix; Reveal .. | 7
 Spotify coming to PS4/PS3!! | 29
 Article inside Xbox Boss Envisions Console-to-PC Streaming Whil.. | 31
top last 24 hours | new
14 hours ago
 Louis CK or Bill Burr
by Hoop Dreams - 73 comments
14 hours ago
 Which Walking Dead death has stuck with you the ..
by LuckiiWaviano - 70 comments
 Image inside See If You Can Answer Last Nights Final Jeopardy.. | 20
 johnny deep claims a chupacabra attacked him | 17
 ‘Steve Jobs’ Cast Finalized, Finally, As Shootin.. | 12
 Tyler James Williams Cast In ‘Criminal Minds’ Sp.. | 16
Watch Dogs (2014)(ubisoft Montreal) Watch Dogs (2014)(ubisoft Montreal)

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The Wedding Ringer (2015) The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Rating Movie rated by 4 people

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top this week | new
4 days ago
 Image inside BBBBBBBut Year Of The 'Remastered' Retros :mjlol:
by Rico23 - 79 comments
5 days ago
 Video inside When Dry Cleaning Jordans Goes Wrong
by BobbyHemmit - 44 comments
 Image inside AIR Jordan X Bulls Over Broadway Pics and releas.. | 42
 Image inside DTLR x Timberland 6-Inch 'Ocean's 15' Boot | 27
 Image inside The Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium QS “Super .. | 14
 Image inside Photographer Files Jordan Brand Lawsuit Claiming.. | 23
top last 24 hours
14 hours ago
 Image inside What is your opinion on this female here?
by Guvnor - 43 comments
14 hours ago
 Image inside Modern family's Ariel Winter at the SAG Awards
by Frankybaby - 34 comments
 Image inside She's thick!!!!!!!!!!! | 13
 Image inside New Yorkers Get in Here: Best A$s in NYC Contest! | 32
 Image inside Gina Holguin...one word - damn. | 17
 Video inside Nitty Scott | 23
 Video inside 10 Flame-Spitting Cars You Must Never Tailgate | 2
 Image inside Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Ai.. | 2
 Image inside 2015 Jeep Renegade | 4
 Article inside GM Considering Electric AWD for Future Cadillac .. | 0
top last 24 hours | new
13 hours ago
 Image inside iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Brought More Android Switche..
by juicey - 20 comments
13 hours ago
 Image inside New Renders of HTC One M9 & M9 Plus
by KingP1n - 28 comments
 New One Plus One Shipments No Longer Have 'Cyano.. | 5
 Apple announces Q1 2015 revenue of $74.6b: 74.4m.. | 5
 Video inside What is everyone's take on Plastc | 5
 Image inside LG To Start Mass-Producing All-Plastic Flexible .. | 0

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Articles, interviews, and breaking news. Get in touch with the real world.
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Discussions and information on vehicles, maintenance, custom work, and much more.
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Get huge - thats what the ladies want.
by LionofLight
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A sub-genre of the KC, this forum is about facts dealing with the topics of science. Faculty of Arts subjects (religion, conspiracies, sociology) belong in the KC not here.
by twizzytwo22
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Info on careers, jobs, how to obtain credit, types of credit, how to finance a car or a house, investing and managing your own personal finance.
by youngt22
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Post recipes with pics, or just pics/video of some scrumptious eats.
by vinylfiend1
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Pics, video, or stories of spots you traveled to or where you want to go, or plan to check out in the future.
by mushroomman
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Post pics of your animals, Q and A, or anything else related.
by Jamie.
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NFL Report: 49ers will name Geep Chryst offensive coordinator
NBA Once again Pretty Boy Kyrie puts on a Show that Cavs fan..
Image inside  Riff Raff Gains 55 Pounds Of Muscle And Is Completely..
  Charli Baltimore Says Biggie Played 7 Day Theory Non S...
New reply 7 minutes ago - 126 comments - by Laronla
  Which Walking Dead Death Has Stuck With You The Most S...
New reply 41 minutes ago - 70 comments - by LuckiiWaviano
 NBA 'iceman' Gervin: 'i Don't Feel' Klay 'broke My Record'
New reply 7 minutes ago - 136 comments - by !!!
 Video inside Tadoe From Gbe Got His Chain Snatched?
New reply 44 minutes ago - 77 comments - by Squadd
 NFL Marshawn Lynch's Cuz Mistah Fab Says Beast Mode Will R...
New reply 17 minutes ago - 89 comments - by Kyu
  Lil Wayne Sues Birdman's Cash Money
New reply 48 minutes ago - 59 comments - by champlain
 Image(s) inside Are Mcdonald's Eggs Real? Fast Food Giant Cracks Mystery
New reply 36 minutes ago - 55 comments - by Jeff Roorda
 BOX Major Rumor Going Around Is Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny ...
New reply 57 minutes ago - 107 comments - by Kyu
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